Welcome to Tattoo Works

Scott E. Bizzare's Tattoo Works is the oldest, and most well established tattoo shop in Vacaville, CA. We have been in business since 1980, and are still going strong. When dealing with something that will be with you for the rest of you life, it only makes sense to choose the most experienced tattoo artists around. We have tons of flash and designs literally covering the walls of our studio to help you with your tattoo ideas, so drop in and take a look around, or check out our tattoo gallery to get some inspiration. We can also repair or cover-up old/bad tattoos by other artists, and those 'homemade' tattoos you thought were so cool when you were 13.

View inside of the tattoo shopWhen getting a tattoo, there is one important thing to keep in mind. Getting it done safely in a sterile environment. All of our equipment is autoclave sterilized and the shop is kept as clean as a hospital. A tattoo is basically an open wound when it is first done, so keeping everything clean and sterile is a must to avoid infection. Our tattoo aftercare page can give you tips on keeping your new tattoo clean an healthy so it looks great for many years.

Another view inside of the tattoo studioDoes it hurt to get a tattoo? If they didn't, then everyone would have them! It really depends on your tolerance to pain and the location on your body that you are getting the artwork. It can also depend on the skill of the tattoo artist and how hard they press the tattoo machine into your skin. All of our artists are very experienced with 'tattoo virgins' and can explain everything to you beforehand to put your mind at ease.